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The HDMI® Forum has released the latest version 2.1 standard. The new protocol has increased the data transfer rate to 48 Gbps, support 4K@120Hz and 8K/10K resolutions. Other improvements include support eARC (Audio and Advanced Audio Signal Control), wider HDR range, and "VRR Game Mode" (allowing the GPU to change the refresh rate in real-time). 


In fact, ordinary copper HDMI® cables are difficult to support the 4K 60Hz video transmission requirements at present, and forcible operation will result in screen skipping. Traditional copper HDMI® cables are subject to signal attenuation and it is difficult to meet the 18 Gbps bandwidth transmission requirements. The projectors we know well in our daily life require long transmission cables between devices. Home wiring may require 5 meters. In offices, especially outdoors, it takes longer. By using a traditional copper HDMI® cable, there will be problems such as signal distortion and even display failure. Only complex signal relays can be used, and the high cost makes this application more worthless. Otherwise, there will be signal distortion, directly leading to the device's unavailability.

Suniin Technology's Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable 8K AOC will solve this problem. It adopts the optical fiber transmission medium, the long-distance signal transmission attenuation can be basically ignored, and the longest transmission distance can reach 300m or more. When the user arranges these devices, there is no need to worry about the attenuation or distortion of the transmission signals, and the system devices can be arranged according to the user's actual needs. HDMI® Active Optical Cable not only completely solves the bandwidth bottleneck and attenuation or distortion from traditional copper cable, but also meets the demands of the modern home theater, and will undoubtedly replace copper HDMI® cables and become the best long-distance HD transmission solution.

Suniin Technology is a Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable 8K AOC manufacturer,  focus on long-distance HDMI® cable solutions for more than 6 years, major products are HDMI® 4K/8K AOC, DP 1.4 Active Optical Cable (Display Port Fiber Cable), we put the fiber-electronic engine into the cable to support 4K@60Hz, 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz without any pressure and support max distance from 5m to 100m.

Based on Suniin Technology's more than 6 years R&D and manufacturing experience on HDMI® AOC, we keep a deep understanding of HDMI® cable, we can share our experience with you if you are looking for this solution on your project.

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